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Personal information

Name: Sebastian Wolf
Date of Birth: 1988-09-15
Place of birth: Sömmerda, Germany


October 2012 - March 2015 Academic Studies (M.Sc.) of Molekulare Biotechnologie at TU Munich
Munich, Germany
October 2008 - March 2012 Academic studies of Biosystemtechnik B.Sc. at University Otto von Guericke
Thesis publication on PubMed
Magdeburg, Germany
May 2007 Abitur 1.6 (general qualification for university entrance)
Math.-naturwiss. Spezialschulteil Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium MINT-EC school
Erfurt, Germany

Work experiences

since April 2017 Biostatistician at Roche Diagnostics
subject: Web-Application for data analysis of clinical trials
Penzberg, Germany
since September 2015 Project Manager at Insilico Biotechnology
subject: Customised in silico Solutions for Pharmaceutical Testing
Publication: Automatic network generation describes differential gene data in user friendly and expeditiously analyzable network views
Stuttgart, Germany
February 2015 - August 2015 Researcher at specialty devision for systems biotechnology
subject: Dynamic modeling for the optimization bioprocesses
Munich, Germany
April 2014 - September 2014 Student Assistant at WEKA Media Technik
subject: PHP, Javascript, Infrasctructure Assistance
Munich, Germany
October 2013 - March 2014 Internship at Georgia Tech - Laboratory of Biological Systems Analysis
subject: Implementation including parameter estimation for a Potassium regulation model in P.putida
Atlanta, GA, United States of America
August 2013 - September 2013 Work Experience at FlixBus GmbH
subject: controlling and financial calculations for a startup bus company
Munich, Germany
June 2012 - September 2012 Internship at DZNE/LMU München, group of Sven Lammich
subject: control of beta-secretase 5'-untranslated region by Unr, complex between Nck1 and Unr
Munich, Germany
October 2011 - April 2012 Internship at GREF INSERM U1053 group of Eric Chevet
subject: Implication of Endoplasmic Reticulum stress-mediated post-transcriptional regulations in cancer development - PUBMED
Bordeaux, France
January 2011 - March 2011 Student assistant at Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine group of Jörg Schaber
subject: modelMaGe 2.0- support software in Python for system biology tool Copasi
Magdeburg and Berlin, Germany
February 2010 Internship at Entwässerungsbetrieb Erfurt GmbH  (sewage treatment plant, chemical laboratory)
Erfurt, Germany
July 2009 - October 2009 Internship at Department of Environmental Immunology of Helmholtz-Institut
subject: influence of different stimuli on the Ah-receptor translocation in murine cells
Leipzig, Germany
March 2009 Face to face promotion at Dialog Direct GmbH
Berlin, Germany
July 2007 - August 2008 Civil Service at the Wadden Sea national park center UNESCO World Heritage
Meldorf, Germany


German native speaker
English Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
French C1 level (+ 7 month live in France)
Latin Latinum

Awards and Commendations

2008-2015 Scholarship by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
2007 2nd price at Jugend Forscht state contest
subject: A landscape is changing its shape - open cast mining in the north of Erfurt and the concequences fot the green toad    (Eine Landschaft verändert ihr Gesicht - Kiesabbau im Erfurter Norden und seine Konsequenzen für die Wechselkröte)
2007 1st price at Rhetorics Contest of Rotary Club Erfurt
2007 Funding award at national contest (Förderpreis) at BundesUmweltwettbewerb II

Hobbies and activities

Volunteer of Naturschutzjugend (NAJU) of Thuringia and LBV Natur Kids Munich
subjects: environmental education, holiday camps, advertising campaigns
Webdesigner for the webpages: and and
Co-founder of students work group "health, ethics, pharma" (Gesundheit, Ethik, Pharma) of Heinrich-Böll-Foundation
subjects: funding of German medical research, pharmaceutical advertisements, neglected diseases
Concerts subject: Visiting concerts of Jazz, Indipendent Rock, Soul, Funk & Electronic Pop artists. Blogging the concert reports
Former member of debating club Erfurt, Germany