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  • R-Shiny enthusiast
  • Specialist for clinical and validated applications
  • Modeler for molecular disease mechanisms in Python and CPLEX
  • Blogger in the context of validated R at
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The story: How a modeler can help healing patients

This a short story about how patients can profit from their data. Todays hospital reports are all filed in a digital way. Furthermore patients genomes can be analyzed for an affordable amount of money. Patient samples will be analyzed with high-throughput molecular methods. All these produces create a large data set which can hardly be interpreted by doctors. Let's see how biological knowledge, computational modeling and computer science can work together helping doctors to make better decisions.

Our doctor has genome data, gene expression data of cancer samples and her own observance of the patient. Maybe she already works in a modern clinic where all this data is available on her PC. But how should she deal with it? How should she visualize it? Is there any easy way to get a personalized treatment decision for her patient?
Connecting the data in a computational way will do this. Therefore, she can use software, designed by a bio-modeler. This will make a value from the data.




I would call myself a bio-modeler. Let's see, how I gathered the skills needed for patient data analysis ...

Bringing all these skills together helps setting up projects and solutions to help patients. Let's look at what the workflow looks like if a bio-modeler can deal with the data.

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