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  • shinymeta — a revolution for reproducibility

    Joe Cheng presented shinymeta enabling reproducibility in shiny at useR in July 2019. I am really thankful for this. This article shows a…Continue reading on Towards Data Science &raquo […]

  • The fastest cyclists of Europe live in …

    The fastest cyclists of Europe live in …Analyzing STRAVA data to find out which city has the faster cyclists with R and R-shiny. My contribution to the shiny contest.A shiny app visualizing STRAVA segments in London and Paris and […]

  • A shiny Web App from LEGO— truck + trailer

    How to Build a Shiny “Truck” part 2 — Let the LEGO “truck” app pull a trailer. An example of a modularized shiny app.In September 2018 I used an automotive metaphor explaining a large scale R shiny app. […]

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