bioWARP – The largest shiny app in the world

2017/09 – 2019/01 | Employee at Roche, Penzberg, Germany

bioWARP is an R shiny app used to analyze clinical trials at Roche Diagnostics. It is also used in maintenance and production processes. We called it the largest shiny app in the world as it consists of >500.000 lines of code. More to be found in my presentation:

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Tools: R, R-shiny, Selenium, docker, Jenkins, RHEL7-server, CSS

A leaflet Strava runner

2019/08 – spare time project

As a tiny project I analyzed the Strava data of a friend of mine. She is really fit and ran 5000 kilometers in around 5 years. I visualized her run in a mobile website where she really runs as a comic icon on a world map.


Tools: HTML, js, leaflet


2019/04 – spare time project

Stravachaser allows visualizing Strava segment data from different cities. Through this data it is possible to see in which city there are the fastest cyclists. The project is hosted here:



Tools: R, R-shiny, curl (scraping data), Selenium, CSS

RTest – Pretty testing of R packages

2018/12 | Employee at Roche, Penzberg, Germany

Testing R packages can be inconvenient for people who do not know R. Matthias Pfeifer and I came up with the package RTest that enables testing R with human-readable files and generating human-readable reports.

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Tools: R, XML, HTML, CSS

Rasbperry Pi internet radio

2018/03 – spare time project

I got an old SONY radio for free. The radio was not working anymore, but the amplifier was fine. Though I thought, make it an internet radio. The radio is now controlled by the old buttons, but inside there is a raspberry pi which streams radio channels. They are visualized at an LCD screen:


Tools: Raspberry Pi, Python, bash scripting

Analyzing genetic data for biotechnological production processes

2015/04 – 2017/08 | Employee at Insilico Biotechnology, Stuttgart, Germany

At Insilico Biotechnology I built multiple projects:

  • Network reconstruction by differential expression data with R and KNIME – Publication
  • Network reconstruction by NCA(Network component analysis) – Python, CPLEX (IBM)
  • Flux Balance Analysis with Python, cobra-toolbox and Jupyter
  • Metabolic Network reconstruction with Insilico Designer

Tools: Python (pandas, CPLEX), R (ggplot, limma), Jupyter, docker, SPARK, KNIME

Analyze with R

2017/12 – spare time project

I love listening to music. For years I have been using and analyzing the data with MATLAB. Then I thought I should try R6 instead. The outcome looks nice.


Tools: R6, RCurl,